Coaching with NLP

Coaching with NLP Through all of my coaching one of the biggest contributing factors has been the combination of an effective coaching structure and process together with the powerful tools and language patterns from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  These two

Change in Business NLP

Change in Business NLP – Logical Levels The Logical Level model in Business NLP contains a number of different levels, and a hierarchy which illustrates the relationship between the parts. Change in Business NLP can happen at one or more of six levels: The environment level describes the situation.

Leading with NLP

Leading with NLP How do I lead with NLP? What a great question and one that I get asked frequently.  I also hear the comment, occasionally, “there’s no place for all that fluffy NLP stuff in business”.  Well, I’d like to dispel that

Well formed outcomes

Selling with NLP

Selling with NLP There is little doubt that sales and selling are not restricted to the role of “Sales Executive” in a business.  There are times, on a daily basis, where almost every member of an organisation finds themselves in a “selling”

Business NLP Principles

Business NLP Principles There are ten core principles that underlie the thinking and approach that we use when working in Business NLP. Getting the full benefit from Business NLP requires  that you start from the mindset that each principle is true. The

Well-Formed Outcomes

Well-Formed Outcomes in Business You can drive yourself towards want you want to achieve effectively by assessing how your life is currently, and then begin deciding where you want to go and what you want to accomplish – the key

Coaching with NLP

The article and its sister article describe some of our favorite techniques in neuro linguistic programming (nlp). The second part of this article will discuss techniques 6 through 10, the first 5 are discussed here. The techniques should only be

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Business NLP

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